What To Do If You Are Caught In A Flash Flood

A Flash Flood can be defined as a rapid flooding which is caused by heavy rain associated with a severe thunderstorm, hurricanes or storm. This is one of the most powerful and ruthless force of the nature, which can uproot anything and everything in its way.

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The worst factor associated with Flash Flood is it can appear from nowhere in an instant and has tendency to sweep you along with it. Since, it can give you surprise anytime, so keeping your cool and thinking straight can help you survive its attack.

Flash floods are common in many parts of the country and should not be taken as a joke. There may be times when you may be trapped in Flash Flood in your cars. So there are few things you need to understand and act accordingly.
Here’s how to handle the situation before it becomes a life threatening one:

1. Avoid Getting Trapped

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The first rule to avoid yourself getting trapped is to escape trouble on its first sign. Therefore, it you are seeing water coming on roads, it would be wise to turn around. As you cannot predict the depth or the force of the current by watching water, therefore avoid going near water.
If numbers are to be believed, according to American Red Cross, most of the cars were swept by just 2 feet of the water. So, never underestimate the power of current by its depth. STAY AWAY FROM WATER.

2. Head For Higher Grounds
If you are surrounded by running water fast, try to drive to get to any high ground. Do not panic, as panicking will prevent your brain from thinking ways to save yourself. Keep you cool intact and try to think properly. Search for high grounds nearby. 

3. Ditch Your Car (Save Your Life First)

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If you think you cannot drive your vehicle to anyplace, ditch your car and move yourself to a safer place. Getting trapped in your car in high flood can be a dangerous thing to do. Once you find a safe place, wait for help to arrive instead of entering any flood water.
Even if you made it through the nightmare with your car. Your beloved car must obviously have suffered some water damage. Take it to the nearest mechanics and get those damage taken care of.
Now to sum up in short:
  • Avoid getting into water.
  • Avoid getting trapped inside your car.
  • Do not panic.
  • Try going to high grounds.
  • Do not try crossing flooded roads, as water might be flowing at a faster speed than it appears at the surface.
  • If you are stranded in flood and are hanging on to a tree or something else, stay there until water recedes completely and you can see the ground. Do not attempt to get into flooded water.
  • Get into a safe place and wait for the help.
  • If your car got damaged, take it to mechanic.
These were few words of wisdom for saving yourself from flash flood.

Have you or someone you know have ever gotten stuck in a flash flood? What measures did you take to escape from it? Share it in comments below.
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