What is Horsepower? Allow Century 3 Kia To Explain

When buying cars, we hear the word "horsepower" a lot as we take a look at different makes and models. Most of us tend to think, "the more horsepower, the better!", but what is it really? Century 3 Kia has the answers.

Horsepower is simply a unit of measurement of power that a horse exerts in pulling.

This 18th century term horsepower was invented by James Watt, who is most famous for his work on dramatically improving the effectiveness of steam engines. James Watt discovered that the average horse can do 33,000 foot-pounds of work per minute.

This means that with one horsepower, a machine can raise a 330-pound load 100 feet in one minute, or raise a lighter load of 33 pounds 1,000 feet in one minute. Some of our customers are actually surprised when they realize that the term horsepower actually is derived from the power of a horse, as this may not be as common knowledge as some would expect.

To learn more about horsepower and which Kia models have the most of it, visit us here at Century 3 Kia whenever you can. Our sales team can guide you to the right path and the right amount of horsepower.

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