Keep Your Driveway Safe This Winter Season

Every year, winter comes about whether we want it to or not. For many of us that reside in West Mifflin, PA, that means not only the reduced temperatures but the arrival of snow and ice. Some places don't get snow but get icy rain as well as freezing temperatures in the night. Both scenarios end up providing similar results with frozen driveways that resemble ice skating rinks. This is not only dangerous to walk on, but for anyone that has to drive in and out of the driveway, you can easily remedy this hazard with just a few simple things.

Salt is super effective at melting ice. That’s why you will see trucks out dumping salt on the roads in poor weather. Salt, combined with sand, can help make sure that your driveway provides traction to those walking or driving on it throughout the winter. Salt will melt the snow and the ice but it will also dissolve into a liquid that can eventually refreeze. If you use sand either after or right along with the salt, it will result in a gritty surface that always provides good traction.

If you want to make sure that your vehicle is ready to handle the winter driving conditions, bring it in to our Kia service center here at Century 3 Kia today. Drive safely.

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