Understanding Engine Oil Viscosity

When it comes to choosing engine oil, there are a lot of options. Each bottle of oil has a number on it, like 10W-30. Choosing the right oil is important for keeping your engine properly lubricated. Every engine is designed to run with a specific oil. The engine oil numbers describe the oil viscosity. Viscosity is a property of liquids that determines how easily they flow. The higher the viscosity, the more the oil resists motion.

In cold temperatures, a low viscosity is ideal so that the oil can move through the cold engine easily. At high temperatures, a high viscosity is best so that the engine stays lubricated. The number before the 'W' in engine oil is the cold temperature viscosity. The second number is the viscosity at high temperatures. Schedule a Kia service appointment and let our team at Century 3 Kia figure out which oil your engine needs.

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