What Functions Does Your Alternator Perform?

There are plenty of drivers who believe that the car battery is what is powering things like the lights and instrument panel. Here is how the alternator, in fact, keeps all those devices running perfectly. The car battery simply sends power to the starter motor when the key is turned, which in turn cranks over the car engine. Once the car is running, the alternator takes over powering everything that needs juice.

Similar to a generator, the alternator gets all its power from a crank wheel that spins as the motor is running. Then the alternator can power the navigation system, lights, stereo, charging stations, and gauges. The time to be concerned that the alternator is failing is when you begin to see the lights getting very dim or the instrument panel gauges all stop working or appear to malfunction. Visit our Kia parts and repair destination in West Mifflin, PA if you think the car alternator might be failing.

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