When Should You Service Your Transmission?

Manufacturers’ vehicle service recommendations can sometimes be confusing or overwhelming. You may also get impatient during oil changes and decide to bypass transmission fluid replacement – even when the technician shows you rusty or off-colored sample fluid from your vehicle. So when is it really important to change this fluid, and what may happen if we don’t?

If it weren’t for transmission fluid, your transmission – and your car – would seize up and fail to go anywhere. Every manufacturer establishes a schedule to change this fluid based on when it begins to break down and become less effective. If it isn't changed on this schedule, transmission temperature, lubrication properties, and contamination from particles will slowly degrade your transmission and expose it to irreversible problems.

We at Century 3 Kia are your transmission maintenance experts. Our affordable service will keep wear and tear at bay as we inspect, clean, and revitalize your transmission. Call us today for a priority appointment at our Kia service station in West Mifflin!

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