Using Our Online Service Scheduler is Easy at Century 3 Kia!

Bringing your car to our outstanding Kia dealership for a seasonal maintenance service check up after using our online service scheduling tool can help you avoid any potential troubles that could be very costly down the road to fix. And utilizing our online service scheduling tool is easy as pie and only takes a couple minutes!

Preparing today with a simple maintenance check will help you avoid paying big money in repairs in the future. The battery in your vehicle is under a tremendous load these days, now having to do much more than simply just start the car. The battery powers the lights, the charging stations, navigation system, and stereo to name a few. The certified mechanics here at Century 3 Kia will load-test the battery to ensure it is ready for a long season ahead.

The fluids in the car will be drained and checked, then replaced with a grade that is designed to make it through the season protecting the moving parts of the car. The filters will be checked and replaced as well while the car is in for its checkup in addition.

Stop by Century 3 Kia for your vehicle seasonal maintenance soon, and we encourage you to use our online service scheduling tool today.

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