How to Change Your Flat Tire

Practice changing a flat tire on a level surface. Knowing how to change a tire before the actual emergency saves you time and frustration. Things you will want to have in your car are a jack, a lug wrench, and a spare tire. Get in the habit of checking the spare tire along with your regular tires monthly.

Read your owner’s manual for the exact instructions on how to change a flat. You will want to know how to release the spare tire. Sometimes the spare is locked underneath the vehicle or inside underneath panels.

Practice operating the jack, and know where to place it underneath the car. Removing lug nuts can be difficult. They are very tight. Keep a can of spray lubricant in your car’s emergency kit. Spraying the lugs will help loosen them.

After a flat, you will want all of your tires checked. Our Kia service department here at Century 3 Kia, conveniently located in West Mifflin, can help you pick out a new tire and inspect your other wheels.