Consider an Ignition Check

As a car owner, it is important to check your car routinely to make sure it is operating at its best. One important system to check is the ignition. Below are some signs that your ignition may be in need of service:

  • Engine Light - One indication that you may have an ignition problem is the check engine light comes on. If this warning light comes on, it is time to have your car checked by a professional.
  • Key Will Not Turn - One obvious sign of an ignition problem is the key will not turn. If this happens, it is time to have the ignition serviced.
  • Dashboard Lights Flicker - One sign that you may have ignition problems is the dashboard lights will begin to flicker. While this is not common, it is still a sign that your car needs to be serviced.

At Century 3 Kia, we want to make sure all drivers are safe. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your car’s ignition, come visit our Kia parts and repair team in West Mifflin, PA and speak with one of our experts.

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