How to Reduce the Risk of a Tire Blowout

Tire blowouts can sometimes cause catastrophic damage, especially when you are traveling at highway speeds. One simple way to avoid a blowout is to maintain the proper pressure in your tires at all times. While checking your tire's pressure is a simple process, it can be one that is difficult for some drivers to make a regular habit.

Accurate pressure readings come from tires that are at normal temperature, so it's best to wait a few hours after driving before checking it. The optimal tire pressure for your vehicle can be found in your owner's manual and on the information sticker placed on the driver's side door sill. Tire pressure can change due to seasonal temperatures, so drivers will need to adjust for warmer or cooler temperatures.

To keep your vehicle in ideal operating condition, you can visit our Kia service department in West Mifflin, where the qualified mechanics can monitor your tire pressure and ensure your vehicle is safe on the road.

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