What's the Difference Between All-Season and Winter Tires?

Many customers of Century 3 Kia often ask our service department whether they should place winter tires on their vehicles if they have all-season tires. Questions about winter tires usually come from individuals who remember when their parents used to put winter tires on their own cars. The answer is: it depends on your driving habits.

For the vast majority of drivers, all-season tires are fine if you live in the city. They perform well under wet conditions as well as during light snow conditions. You don't need them if you don't venture out into rural areas where roads are plowed and salted less frequently.

Winter tires are ideal if you travel frequently in conditions with heavy snow and ice. These tires have features such as rubber compounds that can make the tread hold up better in cold temperatures along with biting edges and deeper tread patterns for better traction.

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