Timing Belt Importance and Maintenance 101

A timing belt is charged with the important task of ensuring that the vehicle's camshaft and crankshaft are working together in tandem so that the engine can properly run. A timing belt needs to be changed periodically so that it does not inadvertently snap and damage the engine. The vehicle owner's manual will provide guidance about how often your belt should be changed to mitigate the danger of damage.

Signs that the belt needs to be changed include a high-pitched sound coming from underneath the hood or visible signs of damage such as fraying or spotting on the surface of the belt. You may also have difficulties starting the vehicle if the belt needs to be replaced.

The timing belt experts at Century 3 Kia in West Mifflin, PA are standing by ready to help you to understand everything about this critical component of your vehicle so that you can enjoy your driving experience.

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