Wiper Blades Are A Safety Essential

Windshield wiper blades are typically not something that is high on the priority list as far as vehicle service is concerned. You usually do not notice that your wipers need to be replaced until you are caught in a heavy rainstorm or snowstorm. This can be especially important if it is snowing and the edges of the road are obscured. You need to have the clearest vision possible to stay safe.

Windshield wiper blades break down on a regular basis from wear and the sun. They can become brittle and stiff over time. One of the first signs that your wipers need to be changed is that they leave streaks on the window surface. If they begin to make a chattering noise, then is a sure sign they are in need of replacement.

If it is time to service your windshield wiper blades, it is time to visit Century 3 Kia in West Mifflin, PA to schedule your service today.

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