A Multimeter is a Valuable Tool for a Car Battery

A multimeter is a vital tool that tests the voltage within a battery. To catch inconvenient power issues early, you must test your car battery regularly using a multimeter.

You can conduct a test with a multimeter when your car's engine is on or off. If you test the voltage while the engine is running, the measurement will be slightly high. Typically, when a regular engine is running during a test, 13.7 to 14.7 volts is a practical reading for a fully charged battery. While an engine is off, the reading should be at least 12.6 volts.

There are many things that can impact a multimeter test, such as cold air and ice. If you want to ensure consistent results during every test, you may want to let a professional inspect your battery. At Century 3 Kia in West Mifflin, PA, you'll find maintenance options for traditional vehicle batteries and hybrid car batteries.

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