This Summer Don't Drive on Winter Tires

We at Century 3 Kia applaud you for driving on the right tires for West Mifflin, PA's winters. Still, our service techs have noticed some of you using winter tires throughout the year. We advise against that tactic.

While we all appreciate saving a buck, driving on winter tires all year will likely cost you more money in the long run. Though switching between two sets of tires based upon the time of year sounds expensive, buying and using only winter tires adds up faster. It also makes your car less nimble much of the year.

Winter tires perform stunningly in winter conditions. They employ rubber compounds that grip better in cold weather to aid acceleration and deceleration on snow and ice. Also, they have winter-tailored tread characteristics. Those same compounds and characteristics cause winter tires to handle inconsistently on warm, dry pavement. Additionally, your winter tires will wear faster in summer than winter. Make them last. Switch them seasonally.

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