Brake Inspections are Good for Your Vehicle

If you are having brake problems, then you probably have experienced screeching or squealing whenever you press down on the pedal. These are issues that happen when a brake pad has worn down or completely disappeared. Now, your rotors are grinding against metal parts, which is causing the horrible squealing noises in the first place. You may also feel it in your steering wheel, which can start to wobble every time you brake. Burning rubber smells are another issue of a poor brake system.

When you start to notice brake issues, it’s time to go to the mechanic and get your brake system inspected. It could just be that you need to replace your brake pads, but if you’ve been driving on worn out brake rotors for too long, it could also be that your rotors are now warped.

These are dangerous situations that require service immediately. You don’t want to be driving on the highway when you suddenly can’t brake. While it’s more difficult for this to happen with today’s modern diagnostics and alert systems, you should still get your brakes checked regularly. Why not start today at Century 3 Kia located in West Mifflin, PA? You can get a quick and friendly checkup so you’re safe on the road.

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