Leather Seat Rescue

Leather Seat Rescue!

Sometimes it pays to have messy kids. People know that I've researched a lot of ways to clean things, and they come to me for answers.

Recently, a realtor friend of mine came to me in a panic. She hadn't noticed that a water bottle was leaking in her backseat, and the piles of paperwork she'd tossed back there were stuck to the seats. The papers could be easily replaced, but since she uses this car with clients, she likes to keep it as nice as possible. What should she do?

The biggest thing I've learned with cleaning leather is that there is plenty you should NOT do. Using anything abrasive can permanently damage the leather, so you want to avoid some of your household "go to" cleaning products like magic erasers or harsh chemicals.

The best thing I've found for my leather seats is using saddle soap and water. Saddle soap can be easily found online, and it provides moisture to the leather while cleaning it. Soak a rag in a mix of this soap and water (look at the soap you get to know the exact ratio), and place it on the adhered papers, rubbing gently. Buff dry with a rag once the paper residue is removed.

There are also plenty of leather cleaners or conditioners at auto stores, but I've honestly discovered that bringing the stable to the garage is both safe and effective!

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